Delicias De Paris

Patisserie in Kilamba

Updated: February 19, 2024 04:05 AM

Delicias De Paris is located in Kilamba (Municipality in Angola), Angola. It's address is 35FQ+5F8, Via R1, Luanda, Angola.

35FQ+5F8, Via R1, Luanda, Angola

+244 929 750 500

Check Time Table for Delicias De Paris

Monday7 AM to 10 PM
Tuesday7 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday7 AM to 10 PM
Thursday7 AM to 10 PM
Friday7 AM to 10 PM
Saturday7 AM to 10 PM
Sunday7 AM to 10 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Delicias De Paris?

Delicias De Paris is located at: 35FQ+5F8, Via R1, Luanda, Angola.

What is the phone number of Delicias De Paris?

You can try to calling this number: +244 929 750 500

What are the coordinates of Delicias De Paris?

Coordinates: -8.9270932, 13.188716

Delicias De Paris Reviews

Paulo Tarso Outeiro Vieira
2024-01-15 09:36:43 GMT

I really liked this place. Amazing food and wonderful service.

anas alkhatib
2024-04-01 12:10:52 GMT

One of the most best places in lunada for cakes and pastries

ayaz charaniya
2022-03-23 13:22:53 GMT

very tasty food and also too much cleaning and hygienic very good food

Michael Andreas
2022-09-04 07:50:07 GMT

Sitting outside gives you a different vibe than many other places in Luanda such as the malls. The breakfasts are cooked right, and as you sit with your coffee you feel like you could be in any neighborhood around the world.

saravana kumar
2023-12-11 04:32:35 GMT

Bakery foods here are awesome.

louise opperman
2018-05-31 09:04:27 GMT

Best biggest burgers in Talatona good service. Waiters can understand English.

Renato Moure
2017-07-09 07:55:33 GMT

Excellent pastry and the burgers are awesome. Cozy environment with good service.

Del Jeffery
2017-08-10 10:19:25 GMT

Had a coffee and almond croissant here. Really impressed with both and the service was tiptop.

Mondlana Gaspar
2019-03-24 11:40:10 GMT

Great breakfast, the food presentation and taste are superb.

akkoos angola
2023-12-31 05:49:02 GMT


Wehbe Ahmad
2020-08-19 15:14:51 GMT

Vey nice place and have great croissant

Jeff Tung
2019-04-21 23:34:11 GMT

Decent bakery

Imran Panjwani
2017-11-20 17:06:01 GMT

Awesome patisserie and bakery. The almond croissant is to die for

Moses Maganya
2023-01-29 13:22:44 GMT

Cool place

Thinus Grobbelaar
2019-08-29 10:45:29 GMT

Feels like Paris. The croissants and pastries are phenomenal.

Rodney Le Roux
2018-03-04 10:41:41 GMT

Fantastic food and service

Paulo Cruz
2018-07-28 16:07:02 GMT

Best place for breakfast

Lourivaldo King
2022-02-15 10:03:56 GMT

My work place

Pedro Lourenço
2021-02-24 21:40:35 GMT


Tomás Oliveira
2021-01-31 15:30:00 GMT


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Quilamba is an Angolan neighborhood that serves as the administrative center of Belas Municipality and a large housing development site 30 km from Luanda, the capital city of Angola. source

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